Focused Meetings for Depth and Direction

Our one-on-one process has been crafted to create the conditions for deep understanding and useful recommendations

Each step in the process from application to follow-up has been adapted from the best resources the effective altruism movement has to offer.
The process as a whole connects people directly with those resources and opportunities along with a system of accountability and mutual trust.

Career Resource Advising

Our focused career one-on-ones apply a framework adapted from the research and tools available at We start with clarifying core values and apply career decision-making tools like this one to eventually help our candidates take on opportunities such as these.

peer Coaching

Through reliance on our own research into personality and positive psychology, management best practices, project management, and productivity resources, we offer our community members realistic options in improve aspects of their lives and referrals to connect with learning ecosystems and professionals that can go beyond our offerings. (We also take advantage of our community connections to help you Think Better and become Less Wrong.)

Donation Resource Advising

Our recommendations for Canadian donors align with those of RC Forward to help you make high-impact, cost-effective, tax-deductible donations.

In that one hour I was able to learn more about myself than any experience could have informed me. I can’t believe that this one-on-one is a free resource! I am extremely grateful for Colin and this resource — what a treasure!

Tiffany Tran

Tiffany says

“I was fortunate to have stumbled on EATO in the Toronto Meet Up groups. I was fresh out of school and finding myself lacking a community, missing a space for intellectual conversation and really needing a sense of direction in my life. When I signed up for the Meet Ups, I really didn’t expect someone to reach out to me. Much to my surprise, Colin reached out to me and dedicated an hour just getting to know me. During that hour, Colin took the time to get to know me, like truly understood who I am and where I come from. He really dove deep into my interests to offer me the resources that he knew might genuinely benefit me. He pointed me in the direction of 80000 hours to inform of all the ways that I can guide my career trajectory towards doing something that I care about. He also pointed me in the direction of all the projects that EATO does and some of the members who I can connect with. In that one hour I was able to learn more about myself than any experience could have informed me. I can’t believe that this one-on-one is a free resource! I am extremely grateful for Colin and this resource — what a treasure! Thank you Colin.”

MaSHFIR says

“Meeting with Colin was a great way for me to get a second opinion on both my career and my perspective on EA. Colin really took the time to connect with me and empathize with the challenges I was facing. After a couple hours of discussion, I gained a lot of insight about how I was approaching things and had clear action steps to implement moving forward. I’d recommend a one-on-one with Colin for anyone who is confused about their career or EA impact.”

Carolyn Says

“From the very beginning, Colin has demonstrated a professional and dedicated attitude towards all things related to helping others become meaningful contributors to the world – shakers and movers of sorts. His driven and determined demeanor is embodied in his non-violent communication and willingness to listen. During our meeting, I felt heard and seen by Colin, and he was able help me clarify some of my most significant goals through asking insightful questions and providing feedback both tactfully and mindfully. He displayed enhanced organizational skills in keeping a record of our meeting and he shared valuable resources to help with accountability and next steps. Colin has a vast network of similarly-minded folks that he does not hesitate to connect people with. It is clear that Colin is a natural leader with a high degree of insight. In my experience, this one-on-one had a positively meaningful impact on my ability to refine my goals effectively, and begin pursuing my dreams in EA fashion. Any one-on-one with Colin is a gift to yourself and it comes highly recommended.”

Andrew says

“Speaking with Colin put a human face on a movement that, for me, had only existed online. It made far more tangible to me the fact that people really are committing their time, effort, and even careers to Effective Altruist causes. Colin helped me think through some concrete issues during a time when I was undertaking a serious career re-assessment. While I’d had such conversations with friends and family, it was different speaking with someone who could relate to my attraction to EA ideas. Colin is particularly sensitive to the human element of what can be the very daunting prospect of trying to do good better in one’s life. He’s just a very easy person to talk to. He also put me in touch with a lot of people in the EA movement and got me involved in organizing an event in Toronto. I now have a full-time job at an EA-aligned organisation and feel very much a part of this community.”


“My one-on-one with Colin was really valuable. I came into it having already thought a lot about my career plans and I wasn’t sure if Colin would have much to add. But he suggested some good ideas that I hadn’t considered, and discussing my plans with him helped to refine things and decide on immediate next steps. On top of that he’s just a fun guy to have a chat with – I’d definitely do it again!”

Let’s make something beautiful together.