Our Mistakes

This page logs mistakes we’ve made, ways in which our organization has failed or currently fails to live up to our values, and lessons we’ve learned.

Please contact us with other items that should be listed here.

Ongoing: Lack of accessible EA resources for a Canadian audience on careers and donations
Our shortcoming: For example, we do not have on our website regularly–quarterly–updated resources that address: an overview of the Canadian EA donation landscape, a nested Canadian EA donation guide, a Canadian EA donation slide deck, Canadian 80k influenced EA career resources that give a rough picture of important milestones for early career planning and career transitions, a Canadian EA careers slide deck, advocacy and policy related resources for a Canadian context.
Steps taken: We are trying to assemble teams to build the above resources over the next 3-6 months. We are trying to establish a not-for-profit that will be responsible for the upkeep of these resources among other responsibilities.

Ongoing: Diversity
Our shortcoming: Our community is not as diverse as we would like it to be.
Steps taken: We warmly welcome each new member that shows up to an event and joins our community online, and we have prioritized finding a more diverse range of people to work on EATO through our committees.

2019: Lack of structure and clarity in various areas
Our shortcoming: EATO lacks transparency, legibility, clarity, and lasting structure in a variety of areas despite the emergence of ongoing objectives, processes, and roles for community members and the community as a whole.
Cluster 1: missions, strategic goals, priority areas, operational needs, and assets for EATO
Cluster 2: messaging, “asks”, and “calls to action” for EATO
Cluster 3 aka Legal Stuff: by-laws and registration as a not-for-profit
Steps taken: We are building a team and a plan to found EATO as a not-for-profit in early 2020. We are developing a collection of roles with specific accountabilites, openly accessible on a visual landscape, in the style of holacracy.org, aiming to be mutually exclusive collectively exhaustive.

2019: Distribution of effort put towards events
Our shortcoming: Weekly events are not as transformative or generally well-developed as they should be to bring in new and returning members
Steps taken: We are transitioning to a focus on one marketed event each month while still keeping weekly meetings as relatively unmarketed accountability and coworking sessions

2018 to March 2019: Distributed leadership
Our shortcoming: Our community isn’t developing it’s structure, e.g. through clarifying and growing commitments from organizers
Steps taken: We created more EATO committees: events, projects, communications