People & Roles

These are a few of EATO’s community members who you can get in touch with:

Colin Bested is EA Toronto’s CEA grant funded community builder, June 2018 – Present. He provides 1-1 career and donation advising based on EA resources. He is happy to chat about movement building and high-impact careers. Contact
Anya Pechkina helps create EATO’s transformative events. Being exposed to EA has reoriented her values, but not towards a particular career yet. If you want to talk about meta-communication, decluttering the psyche, and/or the importance of cleaning, she’s right here. Contact
Naomi Butterfield founded and co-led a fellowship program at UofT for students to grow their EA engagement and knowledge. She is happy to chat about EA fellowships and governance. Contact

Aaron Nesmith-Beck helps manage EATO’s online communications. He is happy to chat about meditation, well-being, and psychedelics as an emerging cause area. Contact

Naryan Wong uses his background in strategy and analytics to understand the best ways to make the world a better place. One of the founders of ThinkBetter, Naryan is committed to improving the “Effective” in Effective Altruism. He is happy to chat about rationality and critical thinking. Contact


William Saunders is a PhD Student in Machine Learning and AI Safety at the University of Toronto, working on projects related to Iterated Distillation and Amplification and collaborating with Ought. Prior to that, he interned at the Future of Humanity Institute working on safe reinforcement learning, and worked as a software engineer at Google. He is happy to chat about machine learning and AI safety. Contact


EATO is always looking for more subject matter experts and emerging leaders to join the local community!

Especially in Biosecurity, Improving institutional Decision-making, Health in poor countries, and more.

Interested in helping build the community & joining our team?

Apply today to declare your interest and discuss the possibilities